The calm before the storm

After the big effort on Tuesday the plan was to take it easy for the hike on Saturday.  Originally I was looking at doing 25km but I my friend Aaron is in town who hadn’t done much hiking recently so we ended up doing a fairly hilly 14km instead. I realise that for a lot of people that is still a pretty big distance but for me it’s not even 30% of the distance I’ll be doing come the HK50 so definitely an easier hike.  Although Aaron hasn’t done much hiking recently he is cycling from the Gold Coast to London (check out his blog here regularly doing 100km plus days so it wasn’t that much of a strain for him either luckily enough.

We deliberately did some of the hillier parts so that he would have a decent view, he’s a fantastic photographer so hopefully once he gets around to updating his blog there will be some great shots of the views from some of the walks here on the Island.  The rest of the weekend was spent sightseeing, we went out to Lantau Island and saw the Big Buddha, then went to Tai O for a boat ride around the fishing village and out to see the white (actually they were pink) dolphins.  A great day out!

Fundraising is still ticking along, over halfway to the target for the Oz charity ( and almost 20% for the UK one (  Hopefully there are lots more donations to come, there are a few weeks to go until the actual event.  Would be great to have met my fundraising targets before then though!

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